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Osada - bridging the Fediverse - hyper-drive style

I have added a number of Osada apps, e.g. the affinity slider and the wiki.

The Affinity Slider

The flip-side of Osada's brilliant hyper-drive social engine is that it works. The content of friend's friend's friends pour into my stream. The Affinity Slider to the rescue. The Affinity slider lets me zoom in on content from my friends in my stream really quickly. I do not have to scroll through my stream to find that content. I do not have to search. The good stuff is right there. If I want to see more, I just move the slider to include more content from my stream.

Q: My friends are too serious and have Real Content (tm), I just want a laugh with strangers, how do I exclude my friends?

A: Set the slider's default settings to a range from say 81-99 to exclude those closer to you.

Q: How does the slider know what to include and what to exclude?

A: When you add a connection, on the settings page, move the slider to tell Osada how close this connection is to you, e.g. a family member, a friend and so on moving outwards. The slider goes from 0 to 100, which is more than enough. You can edit later too, but it is best for you to get into a good habit of taking the five extra seconds up front rather than an extra 30 per connection down the line.

Q: What default settings do you recommend?

A: To immediately see Real Content (tm) from friends, set the upper range limit at 75 in the Affinity slider's settings, then set your close friends affinity at 70 in each friend's connections setting.

If you have the friends who posts too much, set them at 76.

If you post too much, set the lower range limit at say 10, now your own stuff is out of your network stream. You can find your stuff by sliding or going to your home stream.

The Wiki

The wiki app lets me write longer articles, and every time I save the wiki notice what changed, so if I make a mistake I can easily roll back to a previous version.

Q: Why should I use a wiki rather than an article?

A: I don't know why you should use a wiki, but I know why I would use a wiki - wikis have "undo".