Description: Internet explorer
Age: 45
Location: CA, United States
Hometown: Hayward
Location: Colorado, USA
Hometown: Detroit
About: free associator, binge watcher, dog lover, urban dweller, IT manager, happy hour appetizer menu sampler
Description: Plodder, counting down
Location: Brasil
Hometown: SJCampos
About: Brazil resident for 30+ years. Empty nester with the Missus. Recently opened home office.
Location: ⴰⵏⵜⴻⵔⵏⴻⵜ
Description: Mr
Location: West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Hometown: Bradford
Description: Chief bum
Age: 41
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Description: experimental interwebbing
About: What if a identity became, or was also a hubzilla-osada channel?
Description: Looks like Hubzilla
Description: Politik geht anders!
Location: Deutschland
Hometown: Berlin
About: spaceships for everybody
About: free/libre software, open data, open standards activist with a grudge against big tech, big IP holders and authoritarian governments.
Location: Bourgogne, France
Keywords: wine, vin
Description: Discussion forum about the Fediverse
Description: Ni idea
Description: Mr
Age: 44
Location: Buskerud, Norway
Hometown: Drammen
Location: ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha -, USA
Age: 14
Location: Overijssel, Netherlands
Hometown: Deventer
About: I am a cat. I like my own channel.
About: My interests are : photography - It - federated social network - interesting to economics too and ecology. and maybe other things that I forget
Description: I am a poet, short story, novella, and novel writer. I'm also a Ruby programmer and web developer.
Age: 29
Description: Early adoption as a service
Location: Texas, US
Hometown: Austin