Description: virtual thief and pickpocketer, or something, hehe
About: I try to find the things that work in life. Is it to late to be a buddhist monk at the age of 40?
Location: ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha -, USA
Description: Politik geht anders!
Location: Deutschland
Hometown: Berlin
Description: freelancer
Location: Niedersachsen / Lower Saxony, Deutschland / Germany
About: later
Description: Mr
Location: West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Hometown: Bradford


Location: India
Keywords: india, indian, desi, reading, books
Description: Ni idea
Location: ⴰⵏⵜⴻⵔⵏⴻⵜ
Description: Discussion forum about the Fediverse
Description: Mr
Location: New Zealand
Hometown: Auckland
About: Interests include: crowdsourcing software, sound synthesis, post modern theory, lists, irony.
Description: Compte de test.
Location: FRANCE
Hometown: Saint-Nazaire
Description: compte de test.
Location: FRANCE
Hometown: Saint-Nazaire
Keywords: UNIX, linux, free-software, tea, chili
About: Transwoman - interested in *NIX-tech stuff
Description: 読みは「ナギ」です
Description: Looks like Hubzilla
Description: musical gems for refined ears
Keywords: music, jazz, blues, videos
Description: a test account for wakest
Location: Bourgogne, France
Keywords: wine, vin
About: spaceships for everybody
Location: Texas
About: Writer, web developer, FOSS geek, Debian, Emacs,  minimalist, self-sufficient, soon-to-be off-grid, hunter, fisherman, chicken rancher, small farmer, cabinetmaker/woodworker
About: free/libre software, open data, open standards activist with a grudge against big tech, big IP holders and authoritarian governments.
Description: Pillu